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      Icons are windows into heaven, says Saint John of Damascus. It's been said that the gospels depict through words, what the icon announces through images. The orthodox icon bears the historical testimony of Christian faith, along with the specific proof of Holy Grace, of which we can all become worthy heirs.

As a silent and practical presence in a christian's life and faithful guide of our prayers, the icon is today, much less of our concern, and its significance lesser known. The icon's purpose and meaning, greatly outweighs its physical means of expression, truthfully becoming through the touch of Grace, a place of sacred light and presence.

The craft and spiritual formation, toward making an authentic icon, through the gift and labor of the iconographer - along with the often overlooked ingredient: faith - has been rigorously preserved, in the traditional technique of orthodox icons, extensively illustrated, in erminies(icon manuals). The icons painted by Daniela Jurescu, are made in respect of this tradition, and some of them can be admired in the Iconia virtual studio .

Today's feast
Month January in 25 days: †) Sf. Grigorie Teologul, arhipeiscopul Constantinopolului; †) Sf. Bretanion, Episcopul Tomisului ; Cuv. Publie. 

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Icoana zilei
†) Sf. Grigorie Teologul, arhipeiscopul Constantinopolului

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